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November 7, 2022

Coming to PlayStation VR2

PlayStation VR 2 screenshot with Juggernaut

After the Fall is coming to PlayStation VR2 as part of the launch line-up on February 22nd 2023, and we’re excited to bring the PlayStation Runners to this new platform! We checked in with our development team to talk about this new version of the game.

We’re adding a new level of immersion to After the Fall’s signature gunplay through the PS VR2 Sense Controllers. Every slide you rack and magazine you release can now be felt throughout your entire hands through haptic feedback, while each gun now mimics its real-life counterpart in trigger pull weight using dynamic use of adaptive triggers.

The world of After the Fall also offers a deeper sense of presence than ever. Feel the vibrations in your environment as the Smasher storms towards you, and the hits of Snowbreed as they attack you, through headset rumble. This is one of the best-looking VR worlds we’ve made, bolstered by the 4K HDR display. Scan your surroundings for threats through a whopping 110° field of view – be sure to not blink!

Meanwhile we continue to support full cross-platform multiplayer on PS VR2, allowing players on any platform to join in on the action. Updates to our matchmaking system make it easier than ever to connect with your friends. 

And that’s not all that awaits you on PS VR2. Since the initial launch in December 2021 our team has continued to expand the world of After the Fall, which has more than doubled in content since then. You’ll be pleased to know that all of that gory, co-op goodness will be included free of charge to anyone who buys the game on PS VR2.

We’ve got more news for you in the coming months leading up to the PSVR2 release so until then, stay frosty.

-TamTu Bui | Community Manager

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