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March 24, 2022

Patch 1.4.36404 – Boulevard Update

Patch notes

Runners, we’re rolling out the red carpet for you: The next content drop for After the Fall®’s Frontrunner Season is here and we’re excited to drop you onto the star-crested streets of Hollywood in the Boulevard Harvest Map! Have a sneak peek:

The team is excited to see you face the challenges in this map on the various difficulties. There are some minor fixes and tweaks, but unfortunately, we’re still investigating the Quest 2 freezes that affect players from other platforms in their party if this occurs. We will keep you updated when we have more news on this.

Without further ado, here are the patch notes for version 1.4.36404


Our brand new Harvest Run “Boulevard” can now be started from the Enlisting Machine! Explore the ruins of Hollywood and venture into an iconic movie theater for a killer premiere!

  • Boulevard can be started from the Enlisting Machine after finishing ‘Relay Tower’.
  • If you don’t have Boulevard unlocked yet, you can still join the party of a Runner who does in order to play it.
  • Finishing Boulevard for the first time will unlock the Base version of the LMG, a weapon fit for any action star!

Character Customization

Runners can now unlock & equip Player Skins by going into the Changing Room found within the Armory! Here Runners can interact with the arcade machine found there to swap their skin and see their progress towards unlocking new ones.

  • Deluxe Edition Skins: Exclusive Skins are now available to those who purchased the Deluxe Edition of After the Fall!
  • Story Skins: Lock yourself in to always play as either Malia, Jen, Michael or our beloved Jimmy.
  • Harvester Skins: 24 Skins that you can buy & sport after completing their respective challenges. Harder challenges and more unique ones will be added with future updates!

Note: PlayStation Runners with the Deluxe Edition need to install an item available to them from the PlayStation Store in order to receive the additional content.

The Skimmer

A new enemy has been sighted in Boulevard called ‘The Skimmer’ – colloquially known as Skimmy! He’ll drop heaps of loot on death so make sure to shoot the harvest sack on his back before he runs off!

  • Only spawns in Boulevard for now, we’d love to hear more of your feedback before we add him to all Harvest Maps!
  • Will sprint away as soon as Runners start shooting, be sure to coordinate beforehand!
  • Drops a massive amount of Harvest, both on hit and even more so on death.
  • After killing him an additional Floppy will be awarded on Run Complete with rarity based on difficulty:
    • Survivor: Import (Blue)
    • Veteran: Import (Blue)
    • Master: Industrial (Purple)
    • Nightmare: Military (Yellow)


A new weapon has been added to the Armory! The LMG comes with a truly devastating damage per second at the cost of shredding through ammunition as quickly as you shred through Snowbreed!

  • Unlocked by completing Boulevard and obtaining the blueprint floppy.
  • Adds 12 unlockable attachments & 36 new skins with more to be added over time.
  • Can be bought for 9000 Harvest from the Crafting Machine, making it the most expensive weapon so far.
  • Starts off with 60 Base Damage, 750 rounds per minute and the highest Stagger Damage of all automatic weapons.
  • Best used to deliver sustained fire to stagger Snowbreed and keep them at a distance.
  • Lacks a Red Barrel which is instead replaced by a Red Grip to maximize the fire rate!
  • The base magazine contains 40 rounds with the unlockable Box Magazine containing 99!


  • Increased Starting Harvest for new Runners from 1000 to 2500.
  • Increased Assault Carbine Damage from 60 to 65.
  • Increased MT-47 Damage from 75 to 80.
  • Lowered the Stagger Damage of the Falcon to make room for the Revolver.
  • Increased the Stagger Damage of the Revolver to be much higher, now being able to effectively stagger all Snowbreed with just a few well-placed shots.
  • Slightly increased the Fire Rate of the Revolver from 1.7 to 1.9 to improve handling.
  • All Critical Hits now deal Double Damage instead of 1.5x, effectively giving the Battery Pack a huge boost. Critical hit visuals for all weapons will be updated soon.
  • Revolver now has a 10% chance to deal Crits by default, with the Battery Pack adding another 10%. All other weapons still lack the chance to crit by default.
  • Added a Special Damage Multiplier to the Revolver, dealing a further x1.25 damage to all Specials (Excluding the Smasher).

Small Fixes and Tweaks

  • The Shotgun now has a Pump Lock mechanic when a shell is chambered. Pressing the ‘Trigger’ button on the off-hand will allow you to override the lock and manually eject a shell. When no shell is chambered, reloading is the exact same as it was before.
  • Anti-cheat visualization will now hint at how to move outside of geometry
  • The Disco skin should now properly unlock for all weapons if all other skins of that weapon are unlocked
  • Added in a Gold Weapon Skin, acquire it by unlocking every skin for every weapon!

Please let us know what you think of the update, we’re always reading your feedback and super excited for you to get your hands on this update. Stay frosty!

TamTu Bui

Community Manager

For an overview of known reported issues, please refer to our public tracker here: LINK

Please keep reporting your issues either on our support form, or our Discord server, where you can also find other Runners to play with!

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