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March 10, 2022

Patch 1.3.35721 – Horde Mode update

Patch notes

The Frontrunner Season begins with After the Fall’s brand-new Horde Mode and can now be selected from the Enlisting machines in the Line!

In this update, we offer two maps: “Junction” and “Highway”. You will be able to play this immediately with your friends, whether you’ve got a full party or only a few Runners.

Horde Mode Playbook

  • In this mode you will not be accompanied by bots, so bring your best!
  • Custom loadouts are enabled, so you can equip your favorite guns with the best attachments available.
  • Rewards will be granted every 5 waves, starting off from the Import variety, and increasing in rarity.
  • The Revolver blueprint will be unlocked after completing Wave 6 for purchase in the Armory at 5,000 Harvest.
  • Consumables from the Harvest-O-Matics will be limited in supply and can only be purchased during the Intermissions.

Horde Mode also kicks off the Frontrunner Season of After the Fall and is available to all players of After the Fall!

Additional Patch notes for version 1.3.35721

major updates

Addressing the Juggernaut in the room

This patch also fixes some issues, but unfortunately we’re still investigating the ongoing Meta Quest 2 headset freezes. Our technical designers and engineers are working non-stop with our partner teams to resolve this as soon as possible, and we do apologize for the inconvenience. We will of course update players as soon this is fixed.

Persistence notice: we also still recommend that players are outside of the Armory when an activity is started to ensure your data is saved to the server accordingly. This will be addressed in the next March update.


  • Added in an all-new weapon to fulfill your gunslinging fantasies!
    • Comes with a total of 12 unlockable attachments and 35 new skins!
    • A whopping 275 base damage per shot allows it to break off most Ice Armor.
    • Can be unlocked by completing Round 6 in Horde Mode .
  • Let us know what you think about the Revolver and stay tuned for the March Update for  the next expansion of your arsenal!

Floppies, Skins & Items

  • Receiving a duplicate will now increase the chance of getting a unique attachment on your next Floppy. The higher the rarity of the duplicate, the higher the chance of getting something new! This bonus chance stacks, only resetting once you decrypt a non-duplicate. 
    • 5% Bonus Chance from an Import Duplicate (Blue).
    • 10% Bonus Chance from an Industrial Duplicate (Purple).
    • 20% Bonus Chance from a Military Duplicate (Yellow).
    • 40% Bonus Chance from a Prototype Duplicate (Red).
  • Removed Blue Floppies from spawning on Master Difficulty.
  • Removed Blue Floppies & Purple Floppies from spawning on Nightmare Difficulty.
  • Unobtainable Skins are now properly excluded from the Disco Skin Challenge, meaning that when you’ve unlocked all the skins for a gun you can now get your end-game skin! (It’s not a myth!)
  • Reverted the Difficulty Cost Multiplier of Items back to what it was before, with only Nightmare still seeing a slight increase in how much Pipe Bombs & Juice Boosters cost. 
  • Improved the collision boxes for most weapons to be more accurate.
  • Changed hand poses for Pistols from ‘Tea Cup’ to ‘Thumb Forward’ gripping.


  • Players will no longer lose their loadout on a Nightmare Wipe as it was overly punishing and tedious to craft new loadouts. In the future a more polished gate might be added in, but for now everyone is welcome as soon as they complete all Runs on Master Difficulty!  
  • Fixed the Shotgun Max Ammo Capacity to be 30 again, with ‘9mm’ now truly being 180.
  • Increased Service Pistol damage from 55 to 60.
  • Increased Arizona Falcon damage from 160 to 170. 
  • Increased the base Harvest Cost of Device Charge from 100 to 250.


  • Fixed the Difficulty Banner for Nightmare stating that it was ‘Advanced Reload Only’, as players can still play with both Quick & Advanced Reloading. 
  • The crafting machine now shows the required unlock conditions for your weapons upon hovering over the weapon button.
  • You can now change the color of your red dot sight by going to ‘Interface’ within the Settings Menu.

Small Fixes and Tweaks

  • The rubber duck and videotape in the Intro now have proper localization. This is also the same with the crafting tool in the armory.
  • Potentially resolved an issue where some key card locked doors don’t always open for all players.
  • You can now properly replay the intro if you had the skip calibration option enabled.
  • Headshots are now properly processed for skin challenge unlocks.
  • Player names are now the correct color when killing a special (no longer a red name).
  • Fixed an issue where the “Out of the Cold” achievement wouldn’t be awarded even after replaying the intro.
  • Unlock conditions for skins related to killing special zombies now properly track zombie kills instead of damage done

PlayStation VR

  • You can no longer enable left handed mode when playing in single controller mode. (Dualshock 4/PS VR Aim Controller) – Visual change only
  • The MT47’s Charging Handle is now assigned correctly to be on the side of the weapon as opposed to on top of it.

Meta Quest

  • Sprawls now have the same color as on PCVR.

For an overview of known reported issues, please refer to our public tracker here (in progress of updating): [LINK]

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