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December 9, 2022

It’s our one-year anniversary!


What a year it’s been for After the Fall! Greetings to all the Runners out there and thank you so so much for being part of our journey.

Since the launch, we’ve expanded the frozen shell of Los Angeles with new content and equipment, added a new mode, took the fight into local VR arcades, and had the privilege of witnessing your journey from Rookie Runners to becoming vanquishers of Nightmare and heroes of Horror.

Having received several nominations during this year’s award season, that in itself is already a huge acknowledgment for us. You’ve shared a lot of ATF memories with us, from telling how families stay connected through the co-op experience, or even recreating items from the game!

We cannot stress enough how important it was to us to get your feedback along the way, and how it’s helped us improve After the Fall further. The team continues to work on building upon that core and make sure you and your fellow Runners can continue to fight the good fight against the Snowbreed. We’re looking forward to all the new Runners on the horizon, as the PSVR2 release is just around the corner, for which we’ve already teased some of the new maps coming to After the Fall in the PSVR2 Gameplay Trailer.

In the upcoming Hospital and Subway Harvest Maps, you’ll go into the underbelly of the frozen apocalypse. Closer to the PSVR2 launch on February 22nd, we’ll share more details about this next update, for which the content will drop for all platforms for free. We can’t wait! Current owners of the PSVR1 headset that already have ATF will get a free upgrade upon launch. If you’ve been holding off until the new headset, then be sure to wishlist the Complete Edition if you’re planning on getting a PSVR2!

Anniversary giveaway

Lastly, to celebrate this first ATF anniversary, we’re giving away a Quest 2 headset+ gamekey. Be a runner on the go, or enlist a new potential Runner into VR!

After the Fall – Anniversary: Quest 2 giveaway

in closing

As your community manager, it’s been a privilege to be part of the community and to have worked closely with the dev team in such a way. It’s clear that here at Vertigo Games, we all love After the Fall and what it represents for VR. Reading reviews and stories of families coming together to kick some snowbreed ass, is actually quite heartwarming. The holidays are also almost upon us and we hope to welcome many new Runners into the Line. Remember to support each other on your runs and teach them to become the best Runners in preparation for what’s coming up in a short few months. We’re at the precipice of another exciting year of virtual reality and ATF will definitely be a part of it. Until then?

Stay frosty.


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