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September 15, 2022

Patch 1.7 – Reclamation Update is here!

Patch notes

It’s an exciting time to be a Harvest Runner, for new maps, weapons, and enemies await you in our Reclamation Update!

We’ve been hard at work on what’s next for After the Fall, and this content drop will keep you busy with new weapons, new maps and new gameplay!

Before you jump into the sprawling new content, check out the full patch notes below to see what’s in store for all Runners, free for all players.


Harvest Run – Downtown

Zipline between the infested skyscrapers of ‘Downtown’ L.A. whilst fighting off hordes of Snowbreed – our latest and greatest Harvest Run is now available at the Enlisting Machine! 

  • Has a unique final encounter where you’ll have to fight off sprawl to survive! 
  • Unlocks after completing ‘Relay Tower’ (same condition as the ‘Boulevard’ Harvest Map).
  • If you don’t have it unlocked yet, you can still join the party of a Runner that does in order to play through it!

Horde Mode – Twin Palm Mall

Watch the ceilings, hold the stairs and cover the storefronts to survive as long as you can in this abandoned shopping center; Twin Palms ‘Mall’ is now available as a brand-new Horde Site!

  • Largest Horde Site so far with multiple height levels, giving you plenty of space to roam around!
  • Waves can spawn from multiple locations at once so be sure to cover your back!
  • Significantly more difficult at the start, allowing you to get into the action from the get-go.


Added in an entirely new game mode: ‘Mutated Runs’. These spice up the existing Harvest Runs by modifying 3 rules at a time, whilst making your run significantly more difficult, it in turn rewards you with the best loot there is!

  • Only one Mutated Run is active at any given time, for the span of 8 hours.
  • All players queue up for the same Harvest Run, with the same Mutations.
  • Mutated Runs can be played on any difficulty level, with increasingly better rewards!
  • ‘Chipsets’ are awarded from all the Floppy Disks you decrypt in Mutated Runs! 


There are a whopping 100+ new attachments to unlock, coming in the form of Chipsets! Customize each of your weapons to fit your playstyle, whether that means making your Pistol Burst Fire or giving your Rifle a chance to Insta-Kill!

  • Each weapon you bring can have a different Chipset allowing you to create unique loadouts fit for any situation! 
  • Exclusively rewarded from completing Mutated Runs, the higher the difficulty the better the Chipset!
  • They’re individually unlocked for each weapon, each gun having roughly 10 Chipsets.
  • They’re costly but you only have to buy a Chipset once to keep them forever!


The weapon arsenal is being expanded with a fast-firing ‘Auto-Shotgun’! This fully-automatic shotgun will tear as quickly through your shells as it does through Snowbreed!

  • 40 Base Damage per shot, allowing you to shoot off Ice Armor up-close!
  • 35+ New skins to unlock to match your Auto-Shotgun’s look to your liking!
  • 20 new Attachments to unlock, including a Drum Magazine giving you 20 Shells a piece!
  • Can be unlocked from decrypting Military Floppies (Gold).

Sawblade Device

A new and experimental Combat Device has been added to the armory; it shoots bouncing blades that deal insanely high damage – be sure to use them indoors to get the most bang for your buck!

  • Get a total of 3 uses from a single Device Charge!
  • Deal a mind numbing 1000 Damage per Sawblade, be sure to aim them!
  • Each Blade can either bounce 15 times, or pierce 15 Snowbreed.
  • Can be unlocked from decrypting Prototype Floppies (Red).

Enemies – Juggernaut twins


New enemies have been spotted! The Gunner is a frozen freak of nature – having an LMG permanently rooted to his arm – be sure to dodge for cover as soon as you see him!

  • He has both a ranged attack and a grab attack, try to not get too close!
  • Deals damage in a straight line, be sure to side-step as soon as you hear his LMG fire!
  • He has a relatively low amount of health, so make sure to use your rifles to pick him off!


The Charger will rush at you before doing explosive amounts of damage in a large radius! When he starts charging, get out of the way!

  • The Charger can chew through your squad in no time, try to focus him above all!
  • Stand behind walls and pillars to make him crash into them.
  • Focus your fire to stagger him and put him dead in his tracks.

New skins

  • Added in a total of 17 new Player Skins, each with its own unique challenges:
    • 4 Unique Riot Skins
    • 4 Unique Rebel Skins 
    • 4 Unique Mobster Skins
    • 4 Neon Harvester Suits
    • And a Toxic Harvester Suit!

Harvest Rework

We’ve finally overhauled Harvest to make it a more important component of the progression loop. We’ve increased the cost of weapons & attachments but in return added more active ways of gathering it – such as making headshot kills, hunting Skimmer or playing for the substantial harvest bonuses. Last but not least, players can now buy items more freely to support them through their runs again! 

  • Headshots now give x4 Harvest for Snowbreed instead of x2 – making it much more important to aim for heads to get the most bang for your buck.
  • Limbs now give the full 1.0x Harvest instead of the previous 0.75x as Ice Armor often gave players no other choice than to shoot at limbs.
  • Doubled the Harvest you get from dealing damage in a Run, giving you now roughly ± 1% of the Damage Dealt as Harvest – massively promoting performance over participation.
  • Reduced the Harvest dropped by shooting Sprawl Weakpoints & Frozen Survivors from 25 / 50 to 5* / 10* respectively.
  • The flat Harvest dropped by Snowbreed has been significantly reduced, this is the amount that would drop even when a player didn’t contribute to killing them.
  • Reduced the cost of Consumables, Throwables & Devices to not make players go broke when they buy 1-2 per Run. 
  • Slightly increased the cost of certain weapons to better match the harvest rebalance.
  • Harvest Bonuses are now much more substantial, all of them seeing a huge increase:
    • No Freeze Bonus: 10% increased to 25%
    • No Damage Bonus: 25% increased to 50% 
    • Squad Bonus: 5% per real player increased to 10%
    • Timed Bonus: New formula is 400 / Minutes = % Bonus
    • Accuracy Bonus: 15% to 25% Bonus; If above 40% Accuracy


  • Advanced Reloading now gives a flat +50% damage multiplier instead of 35%, making it truly equal in strength to Quick Reload no matter the Difficulty or Mutation. 
  • Made the start of Horde much more difficult, allowing players to get into the action from the get-go. 
  • Players can now choose to use the ‘Auto-Sprint’ option when in Smooth Locomotion, giving you full sprint speed when the thumbstick is all the way forward, without any additional input.
  • Added a cooldown mechanic to Teleporting, where you can no longer spam them. 0.35s, players can freely teleport after the cooldown. This cooldown is not active in the Hub!
  • Reduced the Dashing distance in Teleport from 1m to 0.5m, to give it roughly the same speed as Smooth Locomotion.
  • Increased the Smooth Locomotion speed by roughly 5-10% to make it as viable as Teleport (Not per say equally quick!):
    • Increased Speed Forward from 2.4 to 2.5
    • Increased Sprint Forward from 4.55 to 4.9
    • Decreased Speed Backward from 1.35 to 1.5
    • Decreased Sprint Backward from 1.95 to 2.0
    • Increased Speed Strafe from 1.85 to 2.0
    • Increased Sprint Strafe from 2.85 to 3.0
  • It now takes slightly longer between a Fast Snowbreed attacking and it dealing damage, making it more realistic to dodge them if you react in-time. 
  • Added Stagger Damage to Horror mode as it being disabled removed some of the strategy, weapon builds and fun found on the earlier difficulties. 
  • Reduced the max hit range of Fast Snowbreed from 4.5 to 3.5, making it possible to actually get out of their attack instead of it being a near-guaranteed hit as soon as they start their lunge.
  • Auto-Shotgun & Pump Shotgun
    • Increased the Shotgun Max Ammo from 30 to 40 to support the Auto-Shotgun’s ammo consumption.
    • Lowered the Pump Shotgun fire rate from 3 to 2 and upped its recoil to make it the slower but harder-hitting variant.
    • Increased the Pump Shotgun stagger damage per pellet from 30 to 40 to make it even more viable at stopping specials dead in their tracks. 
    • Massively tightened Pump Shotgun spread & reduced damage fall-off to give it its own unique fit versus the auto-shotgun.
    • Increased Pump Shotgun damage from 70 to 75 to ensure its damage output is unmatched as long as shots are placed properly. 
  • Increased the duration of the Eater blind from 9 seconds to 13.5s to make it more of a threat. 
  • It now takes longer between a Smasher doing a ground stomp and it actually applying damage, ensuring it visually aligns when you receive damage.
  • Increased Tommy Gun damage from 60 to 65 and massively increased it’s damage over distance, all to make it be able to better stand up against the damage output of double SMGs and other 2-handed weapons. 
  • Removed the Revolver’s Damage Multiplier on Specials, as with Chipsets it became too overpowered.
  • Equipping an Ammo Counter now reduces Stagger Damage by 10% instead of the previous 2.5%.
  • Reduced the fire rate reduction you would get from higher rarity barrels on the Tommy Gun, making all upgraded barrels shoot slightly faster.
  • Fixed the purple barrel calculation for a handful of weapons, ensuring that they no longer give an unfair advantage over Prototype or Military barrels.
  • All Ammo Crates now restore 100% of the player’s Max Ammo, meaning you won’t have to shoot multiple crates just to stock up.
  • All Ammo Packs now fully restock the respective ammo type, instead of roughly 25% per Pack.
  • Players now spawn with full ammo for all ammo types instead of having some discrepancies where some types were filled and others weren’t. 
  • Increased Shockwave Explosion damage from 600 to 750 to ensure it packs enough of a punch to 1-hit kill Snowbreed if they are close enough! 
  • Changed the amount of specials that can spawn on master from 8 to 10 and on nightmare from 10 to 12 to add more variation to the fights at these difficulties.

items & progression

  • Added in Laser Sights for all weapons. Players can opt to use a Laser Sight instead of an Ammo Counter as their utility attachment. Laser sights reduce damage by 5% but can greatly increase your accuracy!
  • Added 6 additional weapon slots to the Armory, giving you more space to store your decked-out weapons!
  • The Tommy Gun can now be unlocked from Purple Floppies instead of Yellow Floppies. 
  • The Shockwave Device can now be unlocked from Yellow Floppies instead of Red Floppies.
  • Lowered Disco Skin Unlock Condition from round 90 to round 80, making it slightly more achievable for a percentage of experienced players.
  • Increased Donut Skin max session time to complete Horror from 20 minutes to 25 minutes to make it achievable in longer levels as well.
  • Warheads & Rage Boosters now have a higher chance to spawn in Loot Rooms, cabinets, lockers and drawers making it worthwhile to open them even on higher difficulties.
  • Added in a Angled & Vertical Foregrip for the Pump Shotgun, giving it much more recoil control.

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Redid all the lighting in the Hub & Armory to make it easier to see other players, their suits – and especially your own weapons in the Armory whilst crafting or hanging them on the wall. 
  • Combat Devices will no longer activate whilst holding a throwable or consumable, preventing the most frequent form of misfires. 
  • Fixed part of a glitch where players could use jump downs to bypass the anti-cheat and hide in walls.
  • Added in a failsafe that teleports Companion AI down if they manage to get stuck on a jump down, such as the one found in the end battle of Union Tower.
  • Removed the ineligibility check when starting Horde at a later round. Players can now unlock Floppies as soon as they start, even when starting at wave 15, 30 or 45.
  • Updated all localization for Ammo to now be an abstraction; Yellow / Blue / Green / Red instead of 7.62 / 9mm / .44 / 12g to ensure we can keep adding weapons without having to match the caliber. 
  • Improved the tracer visual for all weapons, furthermore added some slight visual feedback to the tracer whenever you shoot a Critical Shot! 
  • Deprecated the Slam Reload feature entirely after repeated feedback. Players will no longer be able to smash their slides & bolts.
  • It will now be harder to stay away from certain enemies, as they will switch targets when they cannot reach the targeted player in adequate time.

Oculus Party Support

Added full support for ‘Oculus Party’, making matchmaking much more seamless for Meta users. Players can jump into the action straight from their home screen together with their friends! The features we’ve included:

  • Destinations: Jump straight into any game mode at any difficulty without any hurdles.
  • External VoIP: Talk to your friends even when you’re not in the same Hub. 
  • Group Presence: See whether your Oculus friends are in a Run and at which location.
  • Invite to App: Instantly invite both your friends & those you recently played with.
  • Roster: See an overview of the Runners you’re in the current Run with!
  • Group Launch: Start a Run straight from the home menu together with your party.

Note: These features are accessible from the Meta Oculus OS and brought up by pressing the Oculus menu button.

That’s a lot of bullet points! The development team is incredibly proud to launch this new content and we’re all looking forward to see you tackle the new challenges. Be sure to share it with us on socials and our Discord!

Until next time, stay frosty!

TamTu | Community Manager

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