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April 4, 2024

Patch 1.9: Nightfall Update

Patch notes

New Horde maps, rifle, rank, quality of life improvements, and more.

Runners, it’s finally time: Today we’re rolling out the long awaited 1.9 update for After The Fall. We’ve managed to fix the most frequently reported issues, added in brand new content and reworked some of our biggest systems for this one! Check out the full patch notes below – free for all players and live on all platforms NOW.

PATCH 1.9 – Nightfall UPDATE (All platforms)

3 Horde Maps

Be ready to survive against the unrelenting waves of Snowbreed in three exciting Horde maps! Converted from our PVP content, these maps will put your co-operative skills to the ultimate test whilst also providing you with a lot more space to maneuver and strategize.

  • Highrise: Run around in circles at the top of this skyscraper whilst shooting Snowbreed.
  • Warehouse: Survive in this abandoned warehouse full of weapon caches & crates!
  • Market: Defend yourself against hordes of Snowies in the lit-up streets of Chinatown!

Hunting Rifle

Pierce through hordes of Snowbreed with this lever-action Rifle! The Hunting Rifle has armor-piercing rounds that go straight through Ice Armor – allowing a single well-placed shot to kill multiple Snowbreed, even on higher difficulties!

  • Uses Green Ammo, which was previously only used for Heavy Pistols!
  • Upgraded barrels increase your Bullet Penetration by +1, starting from 0.
  • Comes with a total of 18 attachments & 37 new skins to unlock!
  • Can be unlocked by decrypting Prototype Floppies (Red).

UI Pass

Added many different UI screens that should make the Social & Matchmaking experience much more seamless. We’ve furthermore improved a few existing screens, making them easier to navigate.

  • Added a Lobby Browser to the Hub, allowing you to quickly look through all available matches.
  • After crafting your Service Pistol you can now join and select any Harvest Run or other mode, but you still need to follow the Campaign path to unlock items that are linked to your Campaign progress.
  • Added invite previews, allowing you to see which mode, difficulty and level you’ve been invited to before you accept.
  • Added a recent players screen, allowing you to open the profiles of those you were recently in a match with.
  • Added a Score Screen that shows during Horde, allowing you to check your kills & Wave reached without having to open the menu.
  • Added haptic feedback to all UI interactions, making it easier to go through the menus.
  • Reworked the End Screen UI, making it more fun to gather & decrypt Floppies.

Progression UX

Added some much needed quality-of-life to our progression systems, making them much more engaging to interact with! We’ve touched up on nearly everything – from Floppies to Crafting!

  • Floppies are awarded at the end if you successfully deposited them in a Safe Room, even after wiping.
  • Improved the remote view of floppies, making them easier to spot in a Run.
  • Successfully completing a Run now awards you with double the Floppy Reward.
  • Increased Harvest you get from dealing damage to Snowbreed by 50%.
  • The Harvest you get from Duplicate Floppies is no longer multiplied per difficulty.
  • Increased the amount of Floppy Disks that spawn in a level from 2 to 3.

Fixes, Changes & Tweaks

  • Fixed your weapons being reset to stock when starting a run from the Armory.
  • Fixed the Quest 3 Microphone being hard to hear or even entirely inaudible.
  • When you freeze in Horde, you’ll now respawn after a single wave instead of after 5 waves.
  • Mutators now cycle through in just 2 hours, instead of the previous 8 hours. 
  • Added an option to turn off object-to-world collision on held items for PC players.
  • Added an option to play without AI in both private & public Harvest Runs.
  • Added 4 unique new Mechanic Skins! Unlock them by using the new Hunting Rifle!
  • Added Gas Canisters attachments for the Arizona Falcon, Pump Shotgun, SMG, Assault Carbine, MT-47 and the Revolver. They massively increase your bullet velocity, making them deal 15% more damage to Ice Armor!
  • Added Shotgun Magazines, which both increase your Max Ammo Capacity and ease up the shotgun reloading on Advanced Reload.
  • Added outlines to nearly all important items, making them easier to distinguish from the environment.
  • Fixed a bug where the game wouldn’t properly shut down with a certain amount of players in the Hub.
  • Added a defensive fix where Companion AI will automatically be teleported into the Safe Room if all players are present.
  • Only human players need to be present to activate a final area.
  • We’ve added the Gunner and Charger to the roster of specials appearing in all horde mode maps! 
  • Increased the Health & Stagger Health of the Gunner & Charger specials.
  • Increased the Crit Chance of the Battery Pack from 10% to 15%.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t see weapon skins that you didn’t unlock yet. 
  • Fixed a bug where you could get duplicate Chipsets before you had unlocked everything. 
  • Harvest UI no longer displays the wrong number for high harvest amounts.
  • Throwing grenades on PlaystationVR should now be much easier.

That covers it! Thank you for the continued support and dedication to After The Fall and we hope to see you join the ‘ranks’ again soon! If you have any thoughts, questions or simply want to connect with Runners outside of After The Fall – don’t hesitate to join our Discord!

As always, stay frosty.

Pepijn | Lead Designer

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