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April 28, 2022

Patch 1.5.37145

Patch notes

Greetings, Runners! We hope you’ve been well and put the LMG through its paces in Boulevard since the last update.

Today, we’re going to round up the Frontrunner Season roadmap with a juicy supply drop. For this update, the team took the time to expand your toolset with more than just a new gun. This supply drop will let you wreak havoc across LA with new, explosive ways to harvest Juice from the snowbreed. 

Check the trailer below!

Part of the update will also include some more balancing, optimizations, fixes, new player skins and other changes. Without further ado, let’s jump into the nitty-gritty details from the Shock & Awe Update from our devs, bumping ATF up to version 1.5.37145


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PVP Updates

We cleaned up the Tundradome on the backend to support the new items introduced in this update.

New Tundradome Map: Stockpile

Stockpile is a repurposed warehouse that is all about close-quarter combat and lightning fast respawns.  

  • Items added within this Update can be found scattered throughout the map! 
  • Based entirely on the Warehouse found in the Skid Row Run.
  • Respawn Delay reduced from 5 to 2 seconds for this Level.

New Tundradome mode: Free-for-All

Free-for-All can now be selected from the Enlisting Machine, allowing you to duke it out against anyone and everyone at once! Lowered respawn times, no teams and first to 30 Kills wins! 

  • No teams, supporting up to 8 players all fighting for themselves.
  • First to 30 Kills will win the Round, or most kills after 10 minutes.

Incoming Supply Drop

The Shock & Awe update is titled as such because we’re excited to help you overwhelm the snowbreed on the streets; they won’t know what hit them when you amp yourself up with the Rage Booster, introduce them to your Tommy Gun, blow them away with the Warhead and send them flying with the Shockwave Device.

Tommy Gun

Our newest addition to the Armory is the iconic Tommy Gun! It will bridge the gap between the SMG & Assault Carbine by sporting manageable recoil, an extremely high fire rate and moderate damage.

  • Unlocked from Military (Yellow) Floppies.
  • 55 Base Damage with minimal recoil.
  • Fires 9mm (Blue) Ammo like the SMG.
  • A whopping 900 Rounds per Minute.
  • Adds a total of 10 Unlockable Attachments.

Shockwave Device

Added in a new Device that fires a Shockwave when you prime & punch! It gibs Snowbreed at close range whilst staggering all those further behind, effectively acting as a Crowd Control Device.

  • Unlocked from Prototype (Red) Floppies.
  • Can be bought for 100,000 Harvest. 
  • Each Device Charge equals 2 uses!
  • Low damage with drop-off over distance.
  • Extreme stagger damage with medium range.


A new throwable that can be bought at any Harvest-O-Matic! It explodes on impact dealing an absurd amount of damage in a tiny radius whilst staggering all those further away! 

  • Unlocked from Industrial (Purple) Floppies.
  • Can be bought for 1000* Harvest.
  • 9000 Damage in its small impact radius.
  • 10,000 Stagger Damage in a huge radius.
  • Explodes on impact – throw it at specials!

Rage Booster

The Rage Booster uses experimental technology to make its user go berserk for 10 seconds! Fire rate, recoil control and damage output are all massively increased allowing you to plow through a Horde.

  • Unlocked from Import (Blue) Floppies.
  • Can be bought for 500* Harvest (*Difficulty).
  • Can still heal & revive, although less effective.
  • Double the fire rate for a total of 10 seconds! 
  • Effect is removed by applying a Juice Booster.

Items & Progression

  • Removed Floppy Duplicates until you’ve collected all attachments from the corresponding tier; every new unlock is now guaranteed to be unique!
  • Added in Horde Skip, allowing you to start at the following Rounds – after beating them once: 0 / 15 / 30 / 45, When starting from a later Round you will not be eligible for the first corresponding Floppy Reward or “Reach Horde Round” Skin Unlocks. 
  • There is no longer a limitation on how many uses a Device can hold; only a limitation on the amount of Charges that can be bought and found.
  • Added Armory support for Combat Devices allowing players to buy new ones from the Armory Machine, equip them on either hand, and take them off by using the Power Tool on them.
  • Device Charges are not shared across both Devices, firing with one will not consume the Charge on your opposite hand!
  • Harvest-O-Matic’s now have a limited stock & categories – players can only buy one of each Item per Safe Room in order to significantly reduce stacking. Let us know your thoughts!
  • Added weighting to Floppy Unlocks, giving you five times the chance to decrypt the Items added within this Update (Tommy Gun, Warhead, Rage Booster, Shockwave) compared to getting a weapon attachment from a floppy!
  • Updated the Juice Booster visual to better reflect its function, it’s now white as to resemble this being your ‘base’ Booster.
  • Added a quick vignette flash on Booster Insert to give instant feedback when you’ve been healed.
  • Swapped Industrial & Military Forend localization to now properly state that the latter is better than the former.

Additional Player Skins

Added in 4 new end-game Player Skins, with even more to come after this update:

  • Galaxy: Reach Round 45 in Horde without receiving Damage.
  • Hazard: Finish 5 Nightmare Runs in a row without receiving Damage.
  • Magma: Finish a total of 20 Nightmare Runs in each level.
  • Flames: Complete the ‘Savage Challenge’ on Nightmare Difficulty.


  • Advanced Reloading now gives a +35% Damage Multiplier instead of +50% Harvest Gain! This multiplier is open to change based on your feedback!
  • All blue ammo Weapons (Tommy Gun, SMG & Service Pistol) now deal 1.2x damage against Common Snowbreed, but 0.8x to Specials to give them their own combat fit.
  • Slightly increased Arizona Falcon Fire Rate from 4.15 to 4.35.
  • Increased Max Ammo Capacity for Blue (9mm) from 180 to 240.
  • Increased Max Ammo Capacity for Yellow (7.62) from 160 to 200.
  • Slightly lowered SMG recoil to make it competitive against the Tommy Gun.
  • Reduced Falcon recoil to make it more manageable with a higher rate of fire.
  • Changed the chance of a Military Floppy spawning on Veteran from 2.5% to 10%
  • Changed the chance of a Prototype Floppy spawning on Master from 2.5% to 7.5%
  • Massively increased how much Harvest Skimmy will drop on death from 100 to 500*.
  • Lowered Revolver damage from 275 to 250 to account for Advanced Reloading bonus.
  • Rebalanced PVP Damage Ranges for explosions & guns to be much more fine-tuned.
  • Increased the Missile Device rocket amount from 8 to 12 to have its own combat fit. 
  • Lowered explosion radius of the Pipe Bomb from 8 to 6 to make it a more budget option.
  • Using a Juice Booster now removes the blind from sprawl pods & the Eater explosion.
  • Updated the enemy counts and spawn rates in Boulevard to make it more challenging.

LMG Rework

The LMG has seen a large balancing rework to better match our intent of it being a hard-hitting slow-firing sustained beast all at the cost of recoil and accuracy! 

  • Increased LMG Damage from 60 to 90.
  • Increased LMG Stagger damage from 30 to 45.
  • Reduced LMG Fire rate from 12.5 to 10.5.
  • Increased LMG Vertical Recoil Multiplier from 4.5 to 4.6.
  • Increased LMG Horizontal Recoil Multiplier from 1.5 to 1.55.
  • Changed LMG Classic Stock to cost 10.000 Harvest now.
  • Fixed LMG Red Foregrip Recoil Reduction to apply properly.
  • Increased LMG Red Grip fire rate from 25% to 32.5%.

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Made improvements to how we load in gun configurations, further reducing the chance of weapons being stripped of their attachments. We’re still hard at work at finding all other issues related to persistence.
  • Removed deprecated behavior from Nightmare Difficulty that would still strip attachment data on team wipe.  
  • The game will now pause when another player is unresponsive. Furthermore, the button will only become active after a delay to prevent accidental disconnects.
  • Added Skimmer to all Harvest Runs and fixed a few spawn points in Boulevard; make sure to check your corners before it sprints away!
  • You no longer take your current loadout with you when you start up the Tutorial.
  • Snowbreed will no longer be auto-killed once the player is unreachable, only when the player is in a completely different area.
  • Updated the Gold Skin for all weapons, added engravings to make it stand out more from other skins. We’re still looking into ways to give it even more shine!  
  • Made fixes in progress tracking for the following Skins: Red Flannel, Blue Flannel, Bee, Camo Orange & Camo Red.
  • Raised the respawn location of items on the crafting bench, making weapons less prone to get stuck.
  • Conversation characters are now properly selected based on the players assigned skin. This means you’ll actually sound like Jimmy if you have the Jimmy skin!
  • You can now de-arm explosives. Simply hit the arm button once more to de-arm your explosive!


  • Fixed an issue on Pimax & WMR causing the view to flip whilst rotating.
  • Fixed an issue on Pimax Headsets where the screen fader wouldn’t fit the entire screen.

Meta Quest 2

  • Optimizations to improve stability on the headset. This has resulted in fewer crashes, but we’re still investigating the headset freezes.

PlayStation VR

  • Fixed the LMG Bullet Counter not always working for Playstation VR.
  • Reduced memory usage on PSVR to alleviate the frequent crashing. Please let us know if you still encounter issues!
  • Fixed an issue where PSVR players could not always hear all teammates through VoIP.

And that covers it for this update! As mentioned before, we’re shifting focus to producing more Harvest Map and Horde content, but we’re also taking the time to further our efforts to improve the game and work on quality of life changes that have been requested by the community.  Your feedback helps us greatly in making After the Fall even better.

You’re always welcome to join the conversation on our official Discord server, where you can find the devs and other players to run various events with.

Thanks for reading and hope to find you in After the Fall wearing new skins!

Stay frosty,


Community Manager

For an overview of known reported issues, please refer to our public tracker here: LINK

Please keep reporting your issues either on our support form, or our Discord server, where you can also find other Runners to play with!

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