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March 31, 2022

Steam & Quest 2 hotfixes

Patch notes
Patch Notes

STEAM: WMR updates

We have just deployed a hotfix to the Steam version of After the Fall to address issues on WindowsMR devices and disabled the female variation of the Robot skin.

  • Fixed an issue where playing with WindowsMR related controllers caused almost all gun interactions to be broken
  • Robot Female skin disabled, you should default to a story skin if you had this skin in use.

The hotfix should be live now, please update your client before logging in to play.

Meta Quest 2: invisible hands

  • Some unlockable skins appeared to have invisible hands, this has been hot fixed.

Thank you for reporting, please continue to bring up any issues you may have. More updates and fixes are already planned for the next version update of After the Fall.

TamTu Bui
Community Manager

For an overview of known reported issues, please refer to our public tracker here: LINK

Please keep reporting your issues either on our support form, or our Discord server, where you can also find other Runners to play with!

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